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International Journal of Psychology Research

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

A comparative study on frustration among 10th class Students


Dr. Meenakshi


Adolescence is the most important period of human life but at the same time it is the most critical period of an individual's development. It is the period of development between childhood and adulthood. Chronologically, this is a span of life from 12 to 19. Identity/role confusion is the main issue of this period. Children become more independent and begin to look to the future in terms of studies, family and relationships, tend to face problems related to peer pressure, competition and adjustment problems at school and home. Frustration is a common emotional response to opposition, related to anger, annoyance and disappointment. Frustration is the feeling of being blogged or thwarted in satisfying a need or attaining a goal that individual perceives as significant. Frustration may be internal or external. The present study measures the component of frustration among 10th standard girls and boys. The study will be conducted on 150 students (50 girls and 50 boys) of 10th standard. For analyzing or interpretation purpose mean, median, standard deviation and T-test will be used.

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International Journal of Psychology Research
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Dr. Meenakshi. A comparative study on frustration among 10th class Students. Int. J. Psychol. Res. 2020;2(1):14-17. DOI: 10.33545/26648903.2020.v2.i1a.37